About this blog…

Cyclone Sidebar is maintained by the Iowa State Athletics Communications staff. The purpose of this blog is to bring you, the fan, in depth coverage of Iowa State Athletics like you’ve never seen before. Our full-time staff of five travels with the teams, attends their practices and is fortunate to have terrific access to the players and coaches that you cheer for on gamedays. Our mission is to tell their story.

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3 Responses to About this blog…

  1. Gary Woods says:

    I look forward to the upcoming season.


  2. kevin reynolds says:

    i look forward to watching cy games all the time but i dont like your added cost. i already pay taxes every year of more than 3,000.00 dollars. i guess ill find out latter how the game went. By the way ; the hawks dont charge extra.


  3. George Van Hagen IV says:


    This past weekend, we were visiting my father (George Van Hagen) who you wrote about in your story “The Story Behind The Longest Play In School History”. We can finally answer your question about this play in 1943. Would love to discuss it or you can talk to my father directly. It might make a nice follow up story. Please feel free to contact me at gvanhagen@grhs.net.

    I have to admit, it is a crazy story,

    George Van Hagen IV


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