@CycloneMBB Top Plays of 2016-17 – #5 vs. #12 and #4 vs. #13

We continue our bracket-style match up between top plays. You, the fan, will cast the votes as we pick our top play of the year.

To vote: Watch the videos and then vote in the poll at the bottom of each match-up.

Vote now on other match ups:
#1 vs. #16 & #8 vs. #9

5 vs. 12
In the 5 vs. 12 match up, Iowa State rolls into Kansas and gets a big win, thanks in part to this big shot! And the 12-seed features Nick Weiler-Babb coming off the bench to make a significant impact in the Big 12 Championship final.

The No. 5 Seed – “Oh no, oh yes!”
Iowa State was trailing at Kansas by one with 6:30 left, Deonte Burton dribbles down and pulls up for three. ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla lets out an “Oh no” and quickly follows with “Oh YES” as Burton’s three rips the net to put the Cyclones in front. Iowa State goes on to win 92-89 in overtime, snappying Kansas’ 51-game win streak at Allen Fieldhouse. Burton scored 29 points, 19 of which came after halftime.

The No. 12 Seed – Weiler-Babb With The Bucket And Foul

West Virginia had jumped out to a big lead, but Nick Weiler-Babb came off the bench and helped spark a Cyclone rally that would ultimately help them take control and win their third Big 12 Championship title in four years. Weiler-Babb takes the pass and finishes through contact to cut the WVU lead from 16-8 to 16-11 and ISU went on an 8-0 run to tie it. Weiler-Babb finished the game with five points and three steals.

5 vs. 12 Winner: Announced Monday, May 15

4 vs. 13
Our 4 vs. 13 match up includes a big-time three from Naz Mitrou-Long and another sweet pass by Monte Morris that resulted in a Darrell Bowie dunk.

The No. 4 Seed – Naz Sends It To A Second OT In Norman
Never go under a screen against a shooter like Mitrou-Long. Iowa State had trailed by as many as six just moments before, but Mitrou-Long scored six-straight points, including this deep three in the first overtime to force another. The Cyclones went on to win 92-87 with Mitrou-Long scoring 20 points.

The No. 13 Seed – Morris Zips A Pass To Bowie For The Slam And The Foul

Monté Morris and Darrell Bowie combined to erase any doubt against Oklahoma State in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 Championship. After OSU cuts ISU’s lead to just five with just under 13 minutes left, Morris zips a pass from outside the coaching box and Bowie finishes the dunk and draws the foul. Perfect exexcution, as Fraschilla explains.

4 vs. 13 Winner: Announced Monday, May 15


About Matt Shoultz

I'm in my 12th year at Iowa State and fourth as communications director for men's basketball. I have worked with football, women's basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis and swimming since arriving at Iowa State. I am a 2005 graduate of the University of South Carolina and a Litchfield, Minn. native. I look forward to sharing the tales of Iowa State athletics with you all. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at mshoultz@iastate.edu. I'm on twitter @mjshoultz. Go Cyclones!
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