Christofferson Showcases Talent Off the Court

When Coordinator of Student-Athlete Affairs Molly Parrott was looking for a design for the 2013 student-athlete T-shirt she knew just the right person to turn to in order to make it happen – Hallie Christofferson.

Many Cyclone fans know exactly who Christofferson is. She’s just the ninth player in ISU’s rich women’s basketball history to score 500 or more points in a season and was named an honorable mention All-American by the Associated Press and the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association last season. However what many people don’t know about the 6-foot-3-inch senior forward is she is arguably just as talented on the court as she is with graphic design.

“When I was in high school I loved art,” Christofferson said. “I knew when I came to college I wanted to do something with it. In the design program at Iowa State there are so many different options you can go into and I just thought that graphic design would be the best fit for me.”

One thing she isn’t quite sure about is where she got her artistic background, as her father is a farmer and her mother works in the county courthouse. She is also the only sibling to work in the art field with her two brothers working for steel companies and her sister studying physical therapy.

As a senior, Christofferson is weighing career options and is looking at sticking with graphic design after college. Part of the appeal she says is having the ability to work from anywhere.

“I like knowing you can work from anywhere and that all you need is your computer to get a project done,” she said.

For now the career questions can wait, as the Cyclone basketball team approaches another highly anticipated season.


The front of the 2013-14 student-athlete T-shirt designed by Christofferson


The back of the 2013-14 student-athlete T-shirt designed by Christofferson


About Nicole Leusink

I'm in my fifth year at Iowa State as the communications director for women's basketball. I also assist with football and swimming and diving. I am a 2011 graduate of the University of Florida and a Pittsburgh native. I am excited to give you a behind the scenes look at Iowa State athletics. Feel free to send me an e-mail at You can also find me on twitter @NicoleGreiner. And as always, Go Cyclones!
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One Response to Christofferson Showcases Talent Off the Court

  1. Dave Carlon says:

    Thanks for your article on Molly and Hallie. I’m looking forward to the new season!! 🙂


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